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Cookies can be broadly defined as widely deployed files downloaded to the User's device (be it a computer, smartphone, or tablet) when they enter or browse a website. These files allow data to be stored to be subsequently updated, consulted, and recovered for a number of purposes by the company responsible for installing them.

>Cookies are often used to measure certain website usage parameters such as the number of visitors, the duration of the visit, or its effectiveness, as well as to improve the user’s browsing experience or to save and send information about their preferences and past actions.

As such, cookies are not associated with any personal data. However, they are also used to personalize a returning user’s experience on a website, as they are associated with the User's profile or preferences. As they provide information on Users’ browsing habits or actions, they may affect said parties’ privacy. We therefore provide the necessary information on the cookies used by the Website so that Users can decide whether they consent to their use.

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