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My expertise covers three key areas: labor law, commercial law, and information and communication technology law (ICT). Additionally, I am dedicated to providing services in civil law and international business law.

As a hybrid expert with a background in programming and law, I offer a unique perspective on integrating technology into legal processes.


Your Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a key function provided by the GDPR and Serbian Law on Personal Data Protection (the Law). The main task of DPO is to organize and maintain the compliance of your business with the Law through continuous education and implementation of all relevant regulations, procedures and protocols, but also to be a key point in communicating with employees and clients when it comes to personal data protection.

By harmonizing and complying your company in the field of personal data protection as well as by appointing a DPO, you strengthen the credibility, reputation and image of an organization in terms of data security. DPO provides data protection for your employees, but also for the clients you do business with.

Hiring our law firm as an outsource for DPO services provides your business with flexible, versatile and customized support in personal data protection, as well as receiving timely data protection advice regardless of the industry in which you operate.

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About Me

Nikola S. Petrovic, a member of the Belgrade Bar Association as a lawyer since 2014, previously as a trainee lawyer from 2010. Proven experience in the fields of labor, technology, and commercial law, as well as expertise in personal data protection in accordance with Serbian legislation and GDPR regulations. Additionally, I provide legal support in the areas of international business law and civil law. Feel free to reach out to me for all your legal needs, with assured expert guidance and solutions.


Technologically Empowered

My ability to understand how technology works, coupled with a comprehension of legislation, enables me to identify potential legal and technical issues and resolve them in an optimal manner. Additionally, I have the capability to communicate and collaborate with technical and legal teams in a way that facilitates information exchange and the achievement of common goals. This combination of skills makes me an extremely valuable resource in areas where technology and law intersect, such as information security, data protection, and regulatory aspects of technological innovations.

Practise Areas


The deadline is 60 days.

The deadline for initiating a labour dispute is 60 days from the day of delivery of the decision, ie knowledge of the violation of rights. This deadline is preclusive and the court takes care of it ex officio, which means that the lawsuit is not allowed after this deadline.

Three years.

All monetary claims deriving from employment become obsolete within three years from the date of the obligation. The court does not take into account the statute of limitations of claims ex officio, but only on the objection of statute of limitations.

Yes, you can.

But sick leave as such cannot be a reason for termination. Exceptionally, if the employee does not submit a doctor's certificate on temporary incapacity for work within (three days from the onset of incapacity), or abuses the right to a sick leave, then temporary incapacity for work is a justified reason for termination.

it does not determine.

Family law does not foresee the notion of guilt in this matter. Each spouse is entitled to divorce if marital relations are seriously and permanently disrupted or the union of the spouses' life cannot be objectively achieved.

The duration of the procedure depends on the case.

The duration of the proceedings is mostly related to the court's burden. It also depends on the actions of the opposite party, so it can be expected that both the first and the second instance will be completed in a period of two to three years.

As soon as possible.

Legal issues often cannot wait. In relation to our clients, we strive to be as efficient as possible. This means that you can expect to schedule a meeting with us on the first day after contacting us. Additionally, we can organize the meeting through different online platforms (Teams, Zoom, Google, etc.) meaning that is not mandatory for you to be physically present, therefore cutting waiting time to a minimum.


Submission of notifications on concluded contracts based on entertainment programs in the previous month


Payers of income on the basis of pop programs of entertainment and folk music and other entertainment programs are obliged to submit an application and notification by the fifth of the month for contracts concluded in the previous month. Notices are submitted on the RAM form, along with copies of all concluded contracts in the previous month.

EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Serbia to compensate blind chess players


The European Court of Human Rights ruled in the case of blind chess players Negovanovic and others against Serbia that our state discriminated against them in terms of benefits and awards that other athletes who win medals have, and ordered it to pay them 4,500 euros in non-pecuniary damage. As for the material damage, the court found that they should have been paid all the future financial benefits and / or prizes to which they would have been entitled if they had won medals at the Chess Olympiad for chess players they see. According to the decision published by the court in Strasbourg, Serbia violated the right to the prohibition of discrimination from the European Convention on Human Rights with the decision of the seven-member court panel, by votes 5: 2. Four blind chess players from Novi Sad, Branko Negovanovic, Sretko Avram, Ziva Markov and Dragoljub Baretic, sued the state after the Serbian Constitutional Court rejected their appeal in 2015, finding no discrimination because their medals were not won in competitions listed in the Sports Award. achievements and the Award Regulation. They sued the state for discrimination against blind chess players, because they won medals at major international competitions, especially at the Chess Olympics for the Blind. Unlike other Serbian athletes with disabilities and leading chess players who achieved the same or similar sports results, the applicants were denied certain financial benefits and awards for achievements, as well as formal recognition through an honorary diploma, all of which had a negative impact on their reputation. The European Court found that, although it was legitimate for the Serbian authorities to focus on the highest sporting achievements and the most important competitions in their reward system, there was no objective and reasonable justification for treating the applicants differently on the basis of their disability. Source: Website Politika, 25.01.2022.

Decree on limiting the price of basic foodstuffs


Published in "Sl. RS Gazette ”, no. 12/2022. of 1st of February 2022. and shall apply from 2nd of February 2022. until May 3rd, 2022. It prescribes that this Regulation, in order to prevent market disturbances and eliminate the harmful consequences of market disturbances in terms of supply of goods, limits producer and wholesale prices for basic and retail basic foodstuffs, so that they do not exceed the price level of these products on day 15th of November 2021. that the price limit is applied for 90 days for the following goods: 1) crystal sugar in a package of one kilogram; 2) flour type T-400 smooth, in packs of up to five kilograms, including five kilograms; 3) flour type T-500 in a package of up to five kilograms, including five kilograms; 4) edible sunflower oil in a package of one liter; 5) pork - leg; 6) UHT milk with 2.8 percent milk fat in a one-liter package. The price limit does not apply to reduced prices (sales, seasonal discounts or promotional sales), if they were in force on November 15, 2021, but refers to regular prices, ie prices before the reduction.



When it is possible to obtain the identity of a certain natural person through the data on the IP address, either directly or indirectly, then the same data is considered personal data in the sense of the Law on Protection of Personal Data. Namely, as stated in the explanation of the Opinion of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, Article 4, items 1) and 3) of the Law on Protection of Personal Data define personal data as any data relating to a natural person whose identity is determined or identifiable, directly or indirectly, and the processing of personal data as any action or set of actions performed automatically or non-automated with personal data or their sets. Therefore, if it is possible to obtain the identity of a certain natural person through the IP address, directly or indirectly, then the same data is considered personal data in terms of the Law on Protection of Personal Data. Source: The Opinion of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection number: 073-14-2369/2019-02


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